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What is Monodeploy?

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Monodeploy is a powerful tool which aims to simplify the package publishing process for monorepos. It leverages Yarn Modern workspaces to do the heavy lifting, and is a direct replacement for tools such as Lerna and Semantic Release.

Monodeploy only supports projects using Yarn Modern with the minimum node version set to Node v18.12.


yarn add -D monodeploy
yarn monodeploy --dry-run

Although we don't recommend it in production, you can use monodeploy directly from the git repository:

yarn add -D monodeploy@tophat/monodeploy#workspace=monodeploy

Getting Started

Please see the Getting Started Guide.

You can also check out the Frequently Asked Questions for some information around dealing with various edge cases and more advanced configuration.


For information on how to fine-tune Monodeploy, see Configuration.

For available plugins, as well as plugin development, see Plugins.

Note About Monodeploy Package Versioning

Only the monodeploy package is "public" and follows strict semantic versioning. The other packages such as @monodeploy/changelog are meant for internal use and may change their APIs at any time.


Please give the Architecture page a read and then check out the Contributing Guide.