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CommitWatch checks commit messages and ensures they conform to the conventional commit spec.

Getting Started

You can install the commit-watch package from npm as a dev dependency:

npm i --save-dev commit-watch


yarn add -d commit-watch

Or just run it directly in CI via npx commit-watch or yarn dlx commit-watch.

Before running commit-watch, you need to ensure the relevant environment variables are set. For a full list of required and optional environment variables, see the section below.

Configuration Variables:

Name Value Description
COMMITWATCH_GITHUB_TOKEN Required Personal access token with write access to GitHub status checks, and read access to your repository.
CI_REPO_OWNER Required The “owner” from<owner>/<name>.
CI_REPO_NAME Required The “name” from<owner>/<name>. That is, your repository name.
GIT_URL Not Required The full Git URL from<owner>/<name>.git. That is, the URL you’d use to clone your repository.
CI_COMMIT_SHA Required The commit sha to run the linter against.
CI_BASE_BRANCH Defaults to origin/master. The base branch to compare the commit sha against.
COMMIT_WATCH_OUTPUT_DIR Defaults to ./artifacts/test_results/commitwatch/. Directory to write the junit report to.
COMMIT_WATCH_OUTPUT_FILENAME Defaults to commitwatch.junit.xml. The name of the junit report.
VERBOSE Defaults to 0. Whether to enable verbose mode.

These variables can be set in the folowing ways:

  1. By having environment variables with matching names.
  2. By specifying a .js config file containing the variables when running the command.
  3. By specifying the variables in the command line arguments when running the command.

To use specify a config file use the –config-file cli argument to pass in the relative path of the file.

ex. commit-watch –config-file commit-watch.config.js


module.exports = {
    ciRepoOwner: 'Hans Moleman',
    ciRepoName: 'manahattan-project',
    ciBaseBranch: 'develop',
    outputDir: 'junit_reports',
    outputFilename: 'myreport.juint.xml',
    gitUrl: '',
    verbose: true,

To pass in any specific config parameter as a command line argument use the parameter name as a cli argument.

ex. commit-watch –github-token password123

If config parameters are present from multiple sources they are used in the following order:

  1. Configs passed in as cli args
  2. Configs from a config file
  3. Environment variable configs

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CommitWatch is licensed under Apache License Version 2.0.