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This repository contains a collection of packages used by Top Hat to enforce our commitlint convention and use it to automatically generate changelogs.


All packages are published to npm, however if using Yarn Berry, it is possible to install a package directly from git. This is useful for debugging.

yarn add -D @tophat/commitizen-adapter@tophat/commit-utils#workspace=@tophat/commitizen-adapter
yarn add -D @tophat/commit-utils-core@tophat/commit-utils#workspace=@tophat/commit-utils-core
yarn add -D @tophat/commitlint-config@tophat/commit-utils#workspace=@tophat/commitlint-config
yarn add -D @tophat/conventional-changelog-config@tophat/commit-utils#workspace=@tophat/conventional-changelog-config
yarn add -D commit-watch@tophat/commit-utils#workspace=commit-watch


The following packages are provided:

Commit Convention

Top Hat uses the following commit types as part of our development flow. Note that some of the commit types are automatically added to the changelog using @tophat/conventional-changelog-config

Commit Type Title Description Added to changelog?
wip Work in Progress Changes that are part of some work in progress No
feat Features A new feature Yes
fix Bug Fixes A bugfix Yes
refactor Code Refactoring Changes that neither fix a bug nor add a feature No
docs Documentation Changes to documentation only No
test Tests Adding missing tests or correcting existing tests No
revert Reverts Reverts a previous commit Yes
o11y Observability & Analytics Improvements to o11y Yes
deps Dependencies Dependency updates Yes


To report bugs, please a create a new issue.

Making changes to the config

This configuration specified in these packages are for Top Hat's open source and internal use, so we generally won't be accepting external contributions.

If you are an external contributor and you have changes that you really feel should be included in our global config, feel free to make a suggestion, but please don't take it personally if we decide not to adopt the rule. These configs are really easy to extend, so feel free to do exactly that with this one and make your own based off of it! You can learn more from the commitlint docs for creating shareable configs.